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It's a typical chilly July in Nairobi. A fresh graduand, a veteran I.T specialist and a accountant are sharing several cups of coffee in a cafeteria, just to cheat the mist outside and catch up.

A lady storms the cafeteria straight to the counter and demands to know who actually stole from her handbag the previous night when she briefly the left her table. She is informed of how dimly lit the place was that time. After an hour of rewinding a recording, she is showed the "CCTV" footage; only some dark figures moving about the screen. It's obvious that no one can recognize the shapes of persons vaguely seen at her table.
A customer offers to search for the hotel some decent cameras on Alibaba but the search is cut short by "Hii Wifi yenu haishiki...(your Wifi connection is not working)"

It's a Eureka moment for the three friends, Shastems is concieved... The rest is beautiful stories of satisfied customers and stories powered by:


What Our Clients Saying?

You see I'm at work but I can check what is happening in my house on real time whether the lights are on or off
Mary Kanyi
I wish I knew Shastems before. I had huge challeges with fluctuating internet speeds but now everything flows.
Terry Atieno
These guys are really good on tech. They did an internet connection/networking for our our small company. So far everything is perfect.
Rasford Mwangi
What a company, what awesome service? I'm impressed guys by the work you did for me. I haven't had any challenges with systems.
Beatrice Kigen
Relax, We Got You

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It is our commitment to offer each and every customer we serve the best quality products and best services possible.


To provide a one-stop shop for all I.T related products and services that provide our clients with peace of mind that they have the best quality at the best price.


To be the ultimate one-stop shop for I.T products, internet connections and I.T services.


Best quality, professional services and best prices are the ingredients for a great company

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